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Angus Is In Town!


Gus is up in Newcastle from today until Saturday. Naturally riding was on the menu, but as soon as I finished Uni, the heavens opened and we were soaked. Gutted. So we jumped in Jonny’s car and headed for 5 bridges for some pseudo¬† street! As usual, the Angus show started straight away, and didn’t stop until we headed home, and as usual, more photos after the jump!

Also, some of the photos look like they are really flat colour-wise, as unless I mess with the levels of the photo in iPhoto before I export them, wordpress rapes the colour and makes them look awful. Anybody know how to correct this?

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The Roof


I really want to get on to the roof of my house to take photos, but not until I figure out a safe way to do it. For now, me and Dan just hung out of his window and plotted our way to the summit.




Mexican Party


My housemates girlfriend had a ‘mexican party’ last night, so as a modern spin, I had the idea to go as a modern latino mexican gangsta, L.A. style. I roped in Joe and Andy and Chris and we had a crew. However nobody else at the party got the reference. I didn’t take my camera out but shot some photos before we went out, check them out.

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Lomo Roll No. 2


Here are some of the photos from the second roll, they were all shot on the Red Bull conference and after party on Wednesday.

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Lomo Roll No. 1


I picked up the prints from Boots today, and they’d managed to fuck it up by printed them all centre. Idiots. Anyway, here’s the first roll from my new Lomo fish eye camera!They were all taken around my house on my birthday, then on the way to the bar down the street. Apart from the first three, which were at my old work and Uni.

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Best Job Ever


Red Bull had their northern annual conference yesterday at st. James park, then put on some food and free drinks at Revolution & Tokyo’s. It involved some talks and stuff, then partying hard. The above vehicle is the event vehicle, whicj I DJed from, as people were arriving, as they were leaving then as people were arriving at Revolution. I had to get a filmer and a photographer to cover it, so I got Tom Finch and Newrick to do it. It was good day, and I’ve managed to nab some photos off Newrick, as I’m passing them all on to Danny. So read on to see pictures! P.S. I have the best job in the world.

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